Organic Selections

Therapeutic Tea Refreshment

Enjoy a Japanese Herbal Tea.
Oriental herbal formulas use natural materials from plants, animals, and minerals to treat all nature of diseases. Oriental formulas are generally customized to treat each individual patient’s constellation of health concerns. Hideko offers over 700 different herbs that can be made into teas, powdered formulas, and tablets. While herbs are a potent therapy, they exhibit few of side effects commonly found in Western pharmaceuticals.


Therapeutic Foot Ritual

Detox Foot Soak (10 min) with Organic “scrub candies” (natural cocoa, shea, avocado butters, vitamin E, macadamia nut, avocado, and sweet almond oils) re-invigorates tired feet and begins to calm the tension of your feet and body. It also delivers to exfoliate, soften, and protect your feet.


Organic Treatment Products (Optional)


  • Green Tea Massage Cream (Oil-Free)
  • Green Algae Lavender Oil
  • Non-allergic Creamy Oil
  • Organic Body Slimming Oil (special order)

Body Scrub

  • Jasmine Body Salt Scrub with Essential Oil
  • Coconut Body Salt Scrub with Essential Oil
  • Coffee Body Salt Scrub with Essential Oil
  • Rose Body Salt Scrub with Essential Oil
  • Rosemary Body Salt Scrub with Essential Oil

Body Wrap

  • Purifying & Detoxifying Body Wrap with Algae and the clay
  • Slimming Body Wrap with Cocoa, Guarana, Algae and the clay
  • Organic Paraffin Body Gel


  • 24K Gold Facial
  • Caviar Facial
  • Green Tea Facial

Organic Aroma Oils (Currently Unavailable)

  • Jasmine, Jojoba, Rose, Rosewood, Raspberry, Rosemary, Geranum
  • Lavender, Patchouli
  • Obsession
  • Lemon, Lime
  • Ylang Ylang